Alpine Tower II

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The Alpine Tower II

The Alpine Tower II is 50’ tall, with a base footprint forming a triangle of approximately 30 feet. Belay benches are located on three sides of the structure, and act as nucleus for the high activities. High-level activities are virtually limitless. There are over thirty variations for high events, oriented to individual, partnered, and entire team challenges. The Alpine Tower II, because of the numerous variations, is ideal for an organization that may wish to use the Tower for participants who re-visit the experience over an extended period.

Participants are on belay at all times with a climbing rope attached directly to the participants harness. Belay monitors will back up the primary belayers. The finest equipment and state-of-the-art policies further enhance the overall safety system.

The Alpine Tower II can provide climbing experiences for 6 to 9 climbers at one time. With belayers and belay monitors, over 18 participants can be involved in programming at any given time. Alpine Towers International recommends a staff to participant ratio of 1:6.

The high elements include the Beanstalk, The Team Beam, The Corporate Ladder, The Missing Link, The Floating Poles, The Diabolical Seesaw, The Hanging Cargo Net, The Tower Pull, The Hangdown Ropes and The Etriers. With these numerous options, facilitators have the opportunity to guide participants to an appropriately challenging event. Tethering climbers to one another allows for outstanding partner challenges. The base of the Tower also offers over a dozen low initiatives.

A team of highly qualified engineers has scrutinized the design. The structural analysis indicated that the Tower could withstand wind loads of up to 120 mph and the weight of twelve 400-pound participants. The Tower is free-standing, with each leg connected to the ground via a ground screw anchor and three supporting guy cables extending from the top of the Tower. All hardware is hot-dip galvanized, utilizing primarily machine bolts and eyebolts up to 3/4” with 18,000 lb. tensile strength. All Alpine Towers are fitted with a Lightning Protection System, and Access Protection Devices to help prevent unauthorized use.

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