Giant Swing

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Giant Swing

The Giant Swing By Choice is another Alpine Tower original design.  With a potential swing height of over 30 feet and a 60-foot arch, this event offers the capability of running a large group size through in a short period of time. Many participants will depart a session with one vivid memory ingrained–the Giant Swing by Choice.

The Swing design allows participation by those individuals who may not have been able to complete a traditional linear-based ropes course.  Many other designs have a swing or zip as the final event, thus only rewarding those who successfully complete all other events.  The Swing By Choice allows full participation for anyone who chooses to, including those with limited physical abilities.

The Swinger is pulled to his/her desired height by co-participants. This allows the Swinger to choose the height from which they wish to swing and creates a team event.  Unlike many swing or zip line setups, the Swingers are harnessed and connected to the event from the ground. This ensures that any discrepancies in safety protocol are determined immediately, before the participant is exposed to an increased risk at an extreme height.

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