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Changing Lessons by Changing the Scale

Dan Nellis, The EDGE Facilities Manager, will present Changing Lessons by Changing the Scale as part of the facilitation and programming workshop series at the 28th Annual International ACCT Exposition to be held February 1 – 4, 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas.

The large wooden Ropes and Rings Puzzle pictured below (photo 4) is an example of how Dan used his creativity plus design and construction skills to change the scale.  Using a Strings and Rings Puzzle of the same design made from a tongue depressor as a model, he made a larger individual version (photo 1) and shared it with a fellow attendee at last year’s Annual International ACCT Conference and Exposition.

Photos 2 and 3 show The EDGE staff engaged in creative planning of how to utilize Dan’s new Ropes and Rings Puzzle as a programming station for a team of 12.  This version will assist staff in facilitating the topics of problem solving, cooperation, effective communication and understanding different perspectives for adult clients and youth 10 years of age and above.

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Arborist Scott Johnston partners with The EDGE

Scott Johnston partners with The EDGE’s Facilities Manager, Dan Nellis, to ensure the safety of our clients and our trees.  Since 2009, Scott has logged 144 hands on volunteer and consultant hours.

An arborist muses on a 35-year career high in the branches

(Adrian Higgins/The Washington Post)

By Adrian Higgins Gardening columnist

Scott Johnston has his feet on the ground but his heart in the air. Day in and out, he trusts his life to a harness, coils of half-inch rope and 35 years of knowledge gained by working in trees.

“Do you want me to rig up and climb a tree?” he asked. That’s all right, I said, clinging to my notebook. I’m not sure my nerves could take it, even as a spectator. Johnston, who is 58 and looks like a maturing matinee idol, thinks nothing of getting high into an 80-foot oak or tulip tree. As an independent certified arborist, he has devoted his working life to trees, is passionate about them and, if you scratch below the cambium, is vexed by the way we treat them.

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