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First ProfessionalEDGE Workshop Held at Mason’s Arlington Campus

We held our first in a planned series of experiential professional development workshops at George Mason University’s Arlington Campus in March 2013. We welcomed 24 participants to our half-day workshop entitled, “Powerful Communications: Dialogue When It Counts!”

The primary objective of the workshop was to learn approaches to holding constructive conversations when results are important and emotions are high. ProfessionalEDGE facilitator, Kate Trygstad, took participants through interactive activities designed to illustrate effective communication. She also provided opportunities for individual reflection and small group interaction.

Participants left the workshop equipped with knowledge of new models and techniques which they can apply to daily situations and use to communicate with confidence. Information packets contained materials that guided participants throughout the workshop and that will serve as excellent materials for future reference.

We look forward to continuing to offer professional development workshops at the Arlington Campus. The state of the art facilities combined with a thriving campus and surrounding business community offer a perfect setting for our ProfessionalEDGE workshops which challenge our clients to develop as individual professionals, grow as high functioning teams, and excel as innovative organizations.


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Top Team Building Trends in 2013

ProfessionalEDGE – We like this article from Executive Oasis International about how team building programs are finding their way back onto corporate organizational development and training agendas in 2013. According to the article, some of the key goals and benefits of team building include:

  • Communicating changes in strategic direction, rolling out new initiatives and winning team support.
  • Brainstorming ideas for new products, services, target markets, and sources of revenue.
  • Bringing teams together to generate solutions to business challenges.
  • Breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional teamwork.
  • Removing bottlenecks.
  • Resolving conflicts.

The article highlights ‘team building incorporating outdoor activities to inspire out of the box thinking’ as a primary example of how companies can embrace team building practices to achieve strategic results. Here at The EDGE, we strongly agree! On a yearly basis, participants take advantage of our professional Leading Edge challenge course and team building programs to enhance organizational effectiveness in their departments, teams, and formal and informal groups. Also, if it’s more conducive to your needs, our Edge on Wheels program lets The EDGE come to your site. This option gives your organization the flexibility you may need to benefit from team building programs without having to go off-site. 

Executive Oasis is a Toronto-based consulting firm. The full article is available here on its website.

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Find Your ProfessionalEDGE Here in Prince William County, VA

Bird’s Eye View from The EDGE Center Manager, Susan Johnson – The only thing I love more than working with our clients, is telling potential clients about what we do here at the Mason Center for Team and Organizational Learning and how it can help their organizations.  I was grateful to have that chance this morning at the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee meeting.  Most of the attendees were unaware that Mason offered this type of professional development program to businesses and were pleased to find out that this was available here in Prince William County.  Thanks to the Chamber for inviting me to speak and to all who attended.  You can view my presentation here.


“You’re Hired. Now Figure Things Out (With The Help Of This Whimsical Handbook)”

ProfessionalEDGE – We loved this article about the importance of employee on-boarding programs, especially at rapidly growing and innovative companies. .  The Valve employee handbook featured at the start of the piece is certainly a fun read and has been making the rounds on the internet.  But, to us, the most salient point is how essential it is for businesses to have an effective method of training and integrating new employees, not only for their specific job function, but, into the corporate ethos and culture.  A shared vision, direction, and set of core values is essential to both employee retention and business success.  Aligning a company and its employees in their direction can be challenging.  Do your organization’s stated vision and values reflect your experience at work on a day to day basis?  Do you know what your company’s core values and shared vision are?  How was that communicated to you?  How could it be communicated better?  Let us know.