December 6, 2009

Advanced Team Development

Advanced Team Development Course (6 hours)

Experience effective problem solving through the use of  our higher level Advanced  Team Development Course.  The ATDC combines new advanced low challenge course initiatives with the excitement of the Total Team Challenge, our team oriented high challenge element.  Program staff facilitate teams of 8 – 15 participants who work through a series of unique challenges designed to move them into an environment of unknown outcomes with often surprising results.

Team members utilize their combined intellectual, emotional and physical strengths in order to meet the increased mental and physical challenges of the ATDC initiatives.  The team reflects on how they worked together and determines how to improve their performance with the next event.  Each challenge further enhances this powerful shared team experience.

Toward the end of the day, groups with 16 or more participants come together for one final challenge — the TOTAL TEAM CHALLENGE INITIATIVE.  Designed to put into practice skills learned on the Team Development Course, such as clear and effective communication, trust, cooperation and relationship building, and healthy risk taking in a supportive environment, the TOTAL TEAM CHALLENGE INITIVATIVE  provides a culminating high challenge course experience.

The EDGE follows the philosophy of  ‘Challenge by Choice‘  in all of our outdoor programs.   The Booking Request Form reflects current pricing.