December 6, 2009


Our ProfessionalEDGE program is a national team building and organization development training provider. We challenge our clients to develop as individual professionals, grow as high functioning teams, and excel as innovative organizations. We do this through energizing team building programs, professional development workshops, and consulting relationships. Our Capability Statement is available for Government Agencies and Contractors.

ProfessionalEDGE has worked with hundreds of organizations to facilitate active learning. Indeed, research shows that adults learn best when they are actively experiencing concepts. Experience-based learning promotes participants’ ability to apply their newly gained knowledge to everyday situations.

Our programs are delivered in any location – indoor or outdoor – across the United States. The outcomes positively affect the continued success of our clients’ team dynamics, organizational processes, and business results.

Find your EDGE

Based on your specific need, each of these EDGE programs can have a profound impact on individual and group performance in your organization.

LeadingEDGE Programs

Organizations in the new knowledge economy are constantly challenged to perform at high levels with fewer resources in constantly changing markets. More than ever before teams must learn to adapt and innovate in order to excel.  Our classic LeadingEDGE teambuilding programs will engage your team to learn how to achieve in a high energy and fast-paced environment full of ambiguity. Sound familiar?

LearningEDGE Workshops

Successful organizations that value continual learning for both their organization and their individuals are known as Learning Organizations. Learning and Development is now a recognized priority for enhancing workplace effectiveness and interpersonal interactions. Our LearningEDGE workshops provide essential skills and tools that will unlock the barriers to higher productivity.

BusinessEDGE Consulting

We recognize that every organization faces its own unique challenges and will need its own unique solutions. Our BusinessEDGE Consulting Group is here to carefully look at your organization and what you want to accomplish within your industry. From assessment and coaching to interactive learning, we’ll work with you to tailor the customized solution that will keep you on the cutting edge.