June 7, 2010

Our Clients

Who Our Clients Are

The EDGE’s Professional Development staff has worked with hundreds of organizations to promote team development, encourage communication, and develop new skills for working together. Our clients include local, state, and federal government agencies, small businesses, Corporate America and non-profit organizations which range in size from 10 employees to more than 10,000.

Teams who participate in our training range in size from eight to 150 and are often affiliated with larger departments, offices, divisions and companies. No two organizations experience the same results from their work at The EDGE, but all groups learn something unique that allows their organization to improve performance.

From the Organizer’s Perspective

Return on Investment

A human resource development specialist at the Department of Navy fought to get his organization to participate in our programming. Everyone discovered that it was an effective tool for introducing new concepts. The skills learned were utilized even after the training session ended. “I was successful at introducing 150 individuals to the ‘art of teaming’ in an open environment. The return on investment was tremendous.”

Learning Can Be Fun

A director from Datatel found that learning can be a fun and challenging at the same time. “All the team activities completed in the workshop were fun and thought-provoking on a multitude of levels… An interesting and fun learning experience.”

Gaining a New Perspective

The supervisor of an information technology and engineering department gained a new perspective during his program. “The group exercises illustrated how we sometimes blindly try to accomplish unimportant tasks. I found this has helped me with decision-making and choice in both my personal and professional life.”

Achievement through the Right Programming

A Colonel from Defense Logistics Agency chose the TOTAL TEAM CHALLENGE for his organization, which resulted in great esprit de corp among his organization. “Incorporating the TTC into our program was phenomenal. We achieved everything I was hoping for. I would highly recommend this experience to other groups.”

Team Building Experience for a Manager

A manager from Navy Federal Credit Union learned that her team was ready, willing, and able to take on more of the workload. “The retreat helped me to recognize that I don’t use the human resources available to me as readily as I should… Perhaps I should delegate more at work than I do instead of trying to do it all myself.”

From the Participant’s Perspective

Growing Relationships

One of the participants from the Fleet and Industry Supply Center built relationships during the program that changes his working life. “Everyday, I delivered mail to managers who didn’t even notice me…After a day with the same managers, where titles didn’t matter, those same managers actually held meaningful conversations with me once we were back in the office.”

Personal Growth

A faculty member from American University said, “Thanks so much. I really enjoyed and benefited—professionally and personally-from your program.”