December 5, 2009

Team Development Course

The common factor to all ropes courses is challenge. The Team Development Course at The EDGE consists of a series of planned events that require problem-solving skills, teamwork, individual commitment and cooperative action with emphasis on experiential learning, i.e. “learning by doing.” 

Some challenges are physical, requiring a certain level of strength and coordination. Others require less physical prowess, yet emotionally and mentally, the challenge may seem overwhelming. Still other elements focus on mental challenges that necessitate using a creative problem-solving process.

The various events cannot be classified rigidly as challenging only one domain; each activity inherently involves all of them. Interaction among the team members will always be the common denominator across the different elements.

While all ropes courses include challenge, our focus on cutting-EDGE safety and design as well as our environmentally sympathetic location along the Piedmont Trail, make our course unique.