December 20, 2012

EDGE on Wheels

EDGE on Wheels is a team building program that George Mason University brings to you! Our staff will travel to your site bringing customized, portable equipment. The hands-on program will simultaneously engage participants and allow them to learn about themselves, those around them, and their teams or organizations.

Professional Organizations – We offer workshops that target specific aspects of your organizational culture and highlight useful concepts through hands-on, experiential activities. Your management personnel and staff will gain new insights with which they can approach their work while accomplishing organizational shared goals.

Programs for professional organizations are available in 4 hour, 6 hour, or multi-day blocks customized to your needs.


For all programs, your organization will need to provide an appropriate space where groups of 8 – 150 people can comfortably gather with some “elbow room” for activities. For example:

  • Professional Organizations – large conference rooms with removable furniture, hotel conference spaces, flat grass outdoor spaces, etc.
  • Schools/Universities – gymnasiums, drama rooms, field houses, large stages in auditoriums, etc.
  • Community Groups – indoor or outdoor space, meeting rooms, reservable park facilities, etc.


For more information, contact The EDGE Sales Team, (703) 993-4313 or email