January 30, 2020

Professional Series for Teams

Professional Series for Teams

At The EDGE, we specialize in two things: team development and experiential learning. These specializations promote self-discovery, creative problem solving, and skill building in group processes. Through the Professional Series for Teams, we offer the potential for groups to take the next step in exploring the deeper connections within their teams. The unique feature that sets this offering apart is our deliberate focus on creating strong associations to your organization’s mission, workflow, and day-to-day norms and processes.

This deliberate connection is accomplished by our Senior Facilitators, who represent diverse fields and areas of industry and share years of experience working with teams. Facilitators connect to your organization and goals by consulting a detailed Needs Assessment form and researching your website and other pertinent resources. Such preparation helps us create tangible links between our experiential-based programming and your organizational development needs.

Facilitators may also include in their preparation one or several applicable models for your team to explore, grounded in relevant Experiential or Organizational Theory. For repeat clients, or those returning for multiple programs, this depth of connection will grow as the Facilitators become more familiar with your organization, specific goals, and outcomes.

The Professional Series can take place indoors, with engaging portable activities, or outside on our Challenge Course, which is located on 30 acres of woodland and features more than 30 pre-built activities. Many programs choose to add an aerial element to their day. This can heighten the excitement and sense of camaraderie and accomplishment for teams, and many participants mention such experiences as the highlight of their day.

For retreats, we can coordinate indoor space rental on campus, subject to availability. If bringing our program to you better meets your needs, consider our EDGE on Wheels Programming.

Themed Programs in the Professional Series for Teams

  • Team Rejuvenation
    • The focus is on rapport-building and celebrating your organization and team. Trust, interdependence, and understanding different perspectives are common themes during reflection.
  • Agile Teams
    • One of the characteristics of agile teams is they have fun while they work. Explore the tenants of agile teams and practice agile thinking to solve challenges.
  • Inspiring Teams
    • The team will explore convergent, divergent, and lateral thinking to create new ideas and solutions to organizational challenges.
  • Leveling Up/Leadership Presence
    • Our facilitators curate initiatives and reflection processes to flex your mental models about leadership and how to be more effective as leaders individually and organizationally.
  • The Ideal Organization (based on work by Will Schutz)
    • Central to strong organizations are self-aware, competent individuals with positive relationships among coworkers. Explore intra- and interpersonal relationships and how to move your organization along the spectrum to an Ideal Organization.
  • The Pillars of Collaborative Teams
    • Collaborative teams are more likely to embrace change and challenges, have higher levels of employee health, higher retention rates, and improved organizational flexibility and adaptability.
  • Defying Entropy
    • Entropy refers to disorder and uncertainty, and in complex systems such as organizations, has significant impact on trust, employee retention and the viability of the organization. According to research, there are 11 key determinants of sustainability. Our program helps your team develop the resilience to lower entropy and thrive.
  • Core Components of Effective Communication
    • The cost of poor communication has a significant financial and relational loss to organizations. As a team, practice effective communication strategies that increase positive interpersonal relationships, and deepen your team’s engagement.
  • Team building for Healthcare Professionals
    • Being part of a patient care team is complex and requires a unique set of communication skills, including active listening, understanding different perspectives, and offering and asking for support. Whether your organization operates in a clinical, outpatient or school setting, explore with us how to build those skills and systems within the framework of shared decision-making.
  • Professional Development for Educators
    • We have specialized experiential programs for educators that include Growth Mindset for Educators; Collaborative Teams; Aspiring Leaders; the 5 Cs in the Classroom; and Social Emotional Learning. Click here if you would like information specific to professional development opportunities for educators.

Recent professional clients include: Vulcan Materials; F.B.I; INOVA; Swanson Middle School Administrative Team; Bana Solutions; U.S. Army Historical Foundation; Mighty Oaks Veteran Recovery Program; Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Training Academy; Leadership Prince William; Fairfax County Department of Public Works LEO Program; U.S. Air Force; VCU School of Medicine; GMU Housing & Residence Life Leadership Team; Cognosante Interns; Renewal Dermatology & MedSpa; Georgetown University Counselors; U.S. Department of Labor



Program Design: $200 consulting

Up to four hours of work with and by one of our Professional Development Facilitators, which could include

  • designing activities that are framed around your organization and the specific needs and desired outcomes of the program,
  • discussing interpersonal or inter-division challenges that you think would be beneficial for us to know about, and/or
  • crafting a 2-page document that summarizes what activities were presented, key learnings, and suggestions for applying those learnings to your organization.