January 28, 2010

Girl Scouts


The EDGE Program
Category Junior Badge Name
Requirements Met
Team Development Course Be Healthy, Be Fit Adventure Sports (complete badge) 1. Get Strong: Adventure sports require strength, flexibility and balance. Prepare for them by doing squats, push-ups, walking, and running.
4. Rope It: Go to a ropes course and do the wall, go down the zip line, and through the web!
7. Impact Free: Find out what kind of an impact adventure sports have on the environment.
8. Adventure Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course for you and your friends.
9. Gear Up: Find out what type of safety gear is used in an adventure sport, how much it costs, and how to maintain and use it.
10. Climb the Walls: Find out how to put on a harness properly, how to belay, how to climb, and how to rappel!
Adventures in Girl Scouting Lead On
(complete badge)
3. Choose Your Leaders: Find out what qualities make a person a good leader, what similar qualities do you have?
4. Play a Leading Role: A leader should provide a good example for others. Practice being a good role model.
5. Leading Qualities: A sense of responsibility is important for all leaders. Make a list of things you are responsible for.
6. Follow the Leader: Emphasize leadership skills by teaching others what you’ve learned using games.
8. Team Leadership: Pick a skill you are good at, improve your leadership skills by teaching it to another girl.
9. What Did You Say?: Test your communication skills- good communication is important to leadership!
Family and Friends Healthy Relationships
(5 requirements met)
3. Play the Friendship Game: Answer questions about yourself and friends to discover more.
4. Mum’s the Word: Communicate without talking, find out how effective non-verbal communication is.
5. Fun and Games: Create challenges and puzzles to do with friends.
6. The Power of Praise: Learn how influential encouraging words can be.
9. Bridge the Gap: Come up with 3 ways to improve communication in families.
10. Be Your Own Role Model: Role-play situations that help you develop positive responses.


The EDGE Program
Category Junior Badge Name
Requirements Met
Total Team Challenge/
Team Development Course/
Advanced Team Development
Sports and Recreation High Adventure
(Complete IP)
Skill Builders
2. Learn from a challenge course instructor some simple warm-up and stretching activities.
3. Successfully complete at least three elements on the “low rope course.”
4. Successfully complete at least three elements on the “high rope course.”
6. Find out about safety equipment used in a challenge course.
2. Build some simple pieces of initiative game equipment.
5. Study, evaluate, and discuss the environmental impact of an adventure course.
1. Develop a collection of cooperative initiative games that can be taught to younger girls.
Service Projects
2. Help with grounds maintenance or assist in setup and breakdown of a challenge course.
3. Investigate the availability of challenge course instruction for people with disabilities.
2. Interview two people in the high-adventure business. What are the special skills and challenges of such a career?
Career Exploration
3. Find out about people who are consultants for businesses that use challenge courses to develop corporate teamwork.
4. Investigate the use of high-adventure activities in the juvenile justice system.