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Our team development programs at The EDGE consist of a series of planned events that require problem-solving skills, teamwork, individual commitment and cooperative action with emphasis on experiential learning, i.e. “learning by doing.” 

Programs Can Be Design To Serve:

 Businesses, Universities, Schools, Community Groups, Field Trip, Scouts,and More! 

Choose one or more program type for your group to engage. We can utilize any of the following elements to create the perfect team development program for your team. 


High Element Programs

Alpine Tower 

Total Team Challenge Course

Giant Swing

Low Element Programs 

Challenge Course

The Excel Series

Piedmont Trail

 Mobile Program

 EDGE On Wheels



EDGE Special Features

Piedmont Trail

Customized programming 

Sports teams



 We can customize programs for any type of group, such as teachers, sport teams, environmental studies, or whatever your specific needs may be!















The Freedom Center