March 3, 2010

Total Team Challenge

Give Your Team the Total Team Challenge

The Total Team Challenge™ (TTC)  is the next generation in challenge course design. It addresses a variety of learning styles while focusing on the big picture approach to success. Its unique design combines the individual thrill of a high ropes course with the group skills development of a low ropes course.

The TTC is designed in a way that will allow all participants to be active at the same time. Their level of activity will vary depending upon their goals as a team and their physical/mental condition. Participants can choose to climb on the element and/or be part of the ground crew and planning crew. All of these positions are an integral part of the event.

The EDGE provides a variety of programs at the TTC, with two broad categories:

  • The full TTC, which divides the team into 2-4 groups and engages them in searching for gear and participating in the setup and operation of the element. This version of the TTC involves a curriculum that participants study before planning their approach. It is very participant-directed, with facilitators on hand to ensure safety protocols are met.
  • The TTC initiative, which combines the benefits of the ground-based team development course with the TTC as a high element and a more directive approach from EDGE facilitators.

We recommend the Total Team Challenge for high school students, college students, and adult professionals. The TTC operates best with teams of 8 to 36 participants at one time.

Our programs support the Virginia Standards of Learning. Interested in signing up? Completing our Booking Request Form is your first step!

 The Total Team Challenge provides

  • The total group participation with success completely dependent on the problem solving ability of the entire group
  • Remarkably unique and aesthetic
  • Designed using a variety of technologies to create a stimulating and engaging problem solving challenge
  • Ideally suited for adult experiential learning programs
  • Formatted for groups of 18 to 36 persons to participate simultaneously on a single structure
  • A superb structure to complement low challenge course elements
  • Capable of delivering a coordinated program for groups of 90 or more 

What benefits can your group expect to achieve from the TTC?

  • Group bonding in an exciting atmosphere
  • Overall team inspiration
  • Improvement of formal and informal communication
  • Deeper understanding of individual actions and motivations
  • Trust, support, and group interdependence
  • Decision making skills
  • Conflict management
  • Understanding of individual and group change
  • Examining current organizational structure skills
  • Strengthening organizational culture skills
  • Situational leadership, finding individual roles in group, and recognizing diverse roles
  • Practicing feedback and evaluation techniques
  • Insight and empathy toward others
  • Identifying and effectively using resources
  • Time management