Seasonal Events

“You have some great staff who work the tower. They are terrific belayers, very supportive and organized. We had a great time climbing on Sunday.”

In addition to our team-building and environmental education programs, we offer seasonal events and sessions open to individual registrants.  Take a chance to live on The EDGE and join us for one of these exciting seasonal programs.


FOR CAMPERS — From mid-June through late-August, we focus on fun with an exciting range of team-building, adventure, and nature camps for youth 8 – 18 years old.  Registration is available through the Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center.

FOR CAMP DIRECTORS — Camp Field Trip Days to The EDGE can enhance traditional day, sports, leadership, adventure, and natural discovery camp programs.  We offer 4 and 6-hour programs that fit the theme of your camp.  Contact us now at 703-993-4313 or email to learn more about how we can help set your camp apart from the rest.



With this service program, join students, scouts, members of the Mason community and local businesses who care about the environment. Be part of making the adage, “many hands make light work,” come to life.  FREE LUNCH IS PROVIDED following this RAIN OR SHINE event.  More information about this event available here.