Team Development Course

The most popular and most utilized program is the Team Development Course. Participants work through a series of activities and challenges that take them out of their everyday setting and into an environment of unknown outcomes and often surprising results. The EDGE’s Team Development Course provides experiences that develop:

  • Clear and Effective Communication
  • Trust and Relationship Building
  • Healthy Risk-taking in a Supportive Environment
  • A Powerful Shared Experience – Group Bonding

Activities are sequenced to build and practice skills throughout the team’s time together. That means challenges increase as do creative solutions. Team members learn how to utilize the different physical, emotional, and intellectual strengths within the group. After each event the team reflects on how they worked together and how they can improve with the next event. The power of cooperation and trust builds with each event.

Facilitators utilize reflections to increase awareness of individual and group skills that apply back to real world scenarios. The end result is a truly dynamic team with confident and committed members.

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