The WinningEDGE

The EDGE offers a new program specifically for the highly competitive sports team. The “WinningEDGE” program is uniquely designed to help your team unlock its fullest potential by developing and fostering a championship mentality that can be translated to and positively affect overall team performance.

“WinningEDGE” program participants can expect value added outcomes both on and off the field as they

  • Cultivate a sense of shared responsibility
  • Understand stressors & practice support
  • Try out different roles and dynamics
  • Increase a sense of common purpose
  • Understand different Dimensions of Success
  • Practice accountability and responsibility in conflict


The EDGE follows the philosophy of ‘Challenge by Choice’ in all of our outdoor programs.

Interested in programming with us? Submit an Information Request Form. If you have more questions, contact us at or (703) 993-4313. 

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