School Groups

The EDGE offers educators an opportunity to expand classroom learning through experiential fun activities conducted in an outdoor classroom setting. Staff facilitators assist teams of 8 – 15 students in the learning process through the combined use of portable elements as well as low and high ropes challenge course activities. Our programs support the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Our programs allow both individuals and the team to take ownership and be more conscious of the results/consequences of their own actions. Areas of accomplishment are celebrated and memories created. Programs engage in activities selected from our 30 low ropes, an optional high element, and 100+ portable elements to accomplish a variety of program goals. All programs incorporate problem solving, cooperation, and active listening. In addition, you can request an additional areas for emphasis from one of the following :

  • Showing Respect
  • Improved Listening and Communication Skills
  • Dealing with Frustration
  • Making Difficult Choices
  • Trust and Confidence
  • Understanding Different Perspectives
  • Anti-Bullying or Addressing Power Dynamics

After completing a TDC program, participants can expect to walk away with:

  • A sense of camaraderie within the team
  • Having learned about others in their team
  • A strong ability to overcome new obstacles
  • A fun-filled experience

Winning EDGE

Our unique Winning EDGE program empowers sports teams to realize and achieve their fullest potential. The curriculum develops and fosters a championship mentality by focusing on concepts like unity, shared vision, and the power of individual roles in team success. The Winning EDGE inspires your team to unlock their competitive edge.

We tailor each program to the team’s specific needs, sampling from an established base of core values that are essential to team success. Some examples of values emphasized include:

  • Team bonding
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Leader/followership
  • Having a shared vision

Winning EDGE program participants can expect value added outcomes both on and off the field, including:

  • A sense of shared responsibility
  • Individual roles and team dynamics
  • Increased sense of purpose
  • Solving group conflicts
  • Vision and goal setting

Summer is better on The EDGE

Climb and leap to new heights this summer at The EDGE. As all of our adventurers tackle a multitude of great team challenges, they’ll form friendships, grow as leaders, develop outdoor recreation skills, and have tons of fun.

Note: For Summer 2022, we are not offering camps at our facility. We invite you to check out the George Mason University summer camps. You can explore our typical camp offerings that we expect to return in 2023.