Total Team Challenge

“Yesterday our team took the short trip to Mason’s Science and Technology campus to participate in The EDGE Total Team Challenge. It only took a few hours but I’m hoping the lessons our team learned will help us throughout the next few months of our season.”

Total Team Challenge ( 4 – 5 hours )

Engaging and intense, this epic journey incorporates a series of riddles, discovery of hidden treasure and daring high wire adventures. Planning, communication, and group trust combined with a willingness to explore will provide the keys to unlock this mystery.

This all day event starts off by breaking the large team down into smaller groups. Each group is given separate challenges. During the beginning of the program, teams develop their ability to delegate tasks, gain operational knowledge of the element and communicate information back to the whole team. Once the opening tasks have been completed, the team reconvenes and assimilates all their information into a unified team action plan. The program is designed to challenge different individual learning styles, comfort levels  and physical abilities. Whether on the ground controlling ropes or balancing on cables in the air, every team member plays an integral and viable role in accomplishing this TOTAL TEAM CHALLENGE.

The EDGE follows the philosophy of  ‘Challenge by Choice‘  in all of our outdoor programs.

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