Bird's Eye View

The EDGE – a BETTER Kind of Team-Building

Bird’s Eye View from The EDGE Center Manager, Susan Johnson – Needless to say, this article, 4 Reasons to Hate Team-Building, immediately captured my attention.  As The EDGE Manager, it’s my mission to ensure our participants look forward to coming to our programs and leave having had a worthwhile experience.  It certainly gives me great pride to look through our post-program surveys and read comments like, “I was successful at introducing 150 individuals to the ‘art of teaming’ in an open environment. The return on investment was tremendous,” and “Thank you for putting on a fantastic team building session for us.  I have heard many, many positive comments.  I appreciate your willingness to hear our concerns in advance and provide activities that far exceeded my expectations.”

 What’s your experience been?  Do you dread team-building workshops?  What do you think are the most important factors in making a team-building activity worthwhile?