June 7, 2010


“We have used The EDGE to facilitate a number of groups for the Honors College with different goals during each trip that we take.  The staff always accommodates each group’s individual needs and always has new and exciting activities for them to reflect on the challenges that they do.”

– David Anderson, Living Community Coordinator

Doing = Learning

Research shows that we learn best when we are actively experiencing concepts. Experience based training promotes participants’ ability to apply their learning to everyday activities.

Our University LeadingEDGE Team Development Course combines problem solving on a low challenge course with the excitement of a high challenge element such as our Total Team Challenge. Participants work through a series of activities that take them out of their everyday setting and into an environment of unknown outcomes and often surprising results.

Team members learn how to recognize and use different strengths within the group. Cooperation and trust builds with each event. The end result is a dynamic team with committed team members.

Our University LeadingEDGE Team Development Course provides experiences that develop:

  • Clear and Effective Communication
  • Trust and Relationship Building
  • Self-Awareness
  • A Powerful Shared Experience

The EDGE follows the philosophy of “Challenge by Choice” in all of our outdoor programs.