December 16, 2011

Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

The Tools for Teachers program looks at learning through the lens of experiential education. It provides administrators and educators a day of fun learning plus ideas to incorporate back in the workplace.

School administrators value our program as a:

  • Program combined with preparation for a new school year
  • Staff energizer
  • Bonding opportunity for those involved with being part of a newly opened school
  • Supplement to enhance a Teacher Work Day
  • Reward for a successful school year

Keeping with the spirit of education, each Tools for Teachers program is delivered by a professional facilitation staff member who works as a mentor to our senior level facilitators. In this way, The EDGE is able to offer affordable programs to those who shape the lives of future citizens.

The EDGE follows the philosophy of ‘Challenge by Choice‘ in all of our outdoor programs. The Booking Request Form reflects current pricing.

We are currently investigating requests as to how this program be offered as a CEU extended learning option.

Administrators looking for programs that will support organizational development within a specific department should visit the corporate/professional development portion of our website.

Teachers exploring new learning opportunities should consider Mason’s Initiatives in Educational Transformation (IET) program. Teachers can choose to study on Mason’s Arlington, Prince William or Loudoun campuses.