February 19, 2010

LearningEDGE Workshops

Professional Learning and Development Workshops

Two key elements of an organization are learning and development. These elements are widely recognized necessities for enhancing workplace effectiveness and interpersonal interactions. Our LearningEDGE workshops provide essential skills and tools that will unlock the barriers to higher productivity and open both individuals and teams to expanding their abilities to create and produce.

LearningEDGE workshops are delivered using experience-based learning methodologies. Each workshop is designed for active learning so that participants can apply the tools in any workplace environment. These workshops allow participants to receive feedback and coaching from EDGE experts and their peers while discovering various ways of applying all skills learned. As with all EDGE programs, our goal is a positive experience for each individual in the LearningEDGE workshops while enhancing team collective effectiveness that transfers back to your organization.

All of our LearningEDGE workshops can also be delivered as part of a longer learning block with any of our LeadingEDGE programs. The workshop tools learned can be used after team interactions for LeadingEDGE programs and in the office by providing a new common language for debriefing.

A ProfessionalEDGE facilitator is assigned to each LearningEDGE program and works with the organization before, during, and after the workshop to ensure an organization’s learning needs are met. Our expert staff consists of qualified or certified trainers for the delivery of every behavioral instrument and learning tool we offer. This way we can make your success our success.

LearningEDGE Workshop Options

PersonalityEDGE: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Diversity of personalities in teams is a competitive advantage to an organization – as long as those personalities are understood and capitalized to enhance interpersonal interactions and team effectiveness. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will improve team success by presenting the strengths and benefits associated with specific personality traits. It also provides the tools and common language needed to harness those personalities for full individual and team potential.

Beginning with individual assessments, every participant will access the personality strength that they bring to your team. Then we will determine how each individual’s strength in your group can enhance workplace interactions and team management. Experiential applications will make this workshop fun and engaging for any team looking to improve communication skills, reduce conflict, develop self-aware leaders, promote morale, facilitate relationship building, or re-invigorate their culture with a renewed sense of purpose, commitment, and understanding.

  • Recommended Add-on program: Any LeadingEDGE program
  • Program Length: 1 Day, Half-day for MBTI only

These programs can be delivered to in any location in the country.

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MotivationalEDGE: Apter Motivational Style Profile©

The Apter Motivational Style Profile is based on Reversal Theory, which states that at any given time, people make the choices they make based on what motivational state they are in. In our MotivationalEDGE workshops your team members will learn more about motivational states, what states they are in most often, and how their states affect their teammates. Groups will develop skills for reversing into motivational states and determining what the most appropriate state is in the moment.

  • Recommended Add-on program: Any LeadingEDGE program
  • Program Length: 1 Day, Half-day for Apter only

These programs can be delivered to in any location in the country.

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Appreciative Inquiry

AI is a systems methodology created to discover an organization’s successes, strengths, and undiscovered jewels and then to build on that information for higher performance, increased productivity, and to reach goals. This workshop will not carry out the entire AI process, but instead, will teach the team members some basic methodology and facilitate some discussions that will begin to expose the team’s strengths.

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Emotional Intelligence (EI)

The path to effective communication, conflict competence, meaningful delegation and productive work teams begins with Emotional Intelligence. This became clear in 1995 with the appearance of the book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman. 

Emotional Intelligence remains a good predictor of success for teams and individuals. Now more than ever, organizations need to make the best use possible of their most precious resource– their people.

We use the EQ Emotional Quotient Model, created and validated by Reuven BarOn. EQ inventories individual emotional intelligence and invites participants to reflect on how they might expand in particular elements.

In an Emotional Intelligence workshop, we ask that participants take the EQ inventory on line prior to the session. Then, we guide you through a highly interactive workshop session that explores dimensions within the five interlocking composites of the emotional quotient: 

  • Self-Perception
  • Self-Expression
  • Interpersonal
  • Decision Making
  • Stress Management

These composites lead to Emotional and Social Functioning as well as Performance and Well-being. Participants will reflect on how each of them affects the others and the whole organization. The group will see areas for expansion and can agree to action steps that will increase their composite emotional intelligence.

  • Recommended Add-on program: Any LeadingEDGE program
  • Program Length: 1 Day, Half-day for EI

We offer two modes for conducting this workshop.  It can be facilitated in conference space at your worksite.  It can also be conducted at The EDGE, followed by 2-3 hours of experiential challenges in our beautiful setting.

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