“You’re Hired. Now Figure Things Out (With The Help Of This Whimsical Handbook)”

ProfessionalEDGE – We loved this article about the importance of employee on-boarding programs, especially at rapidly growing and innovative companies. .  The Valve employee handbook featured at the start of the piece is certainly a fun read and has been making the rounds on the internet.  But, to us, the most salient point is how essential it is for businesses to have an effective method of training and integrating new employees, not only for their specific job function, but, into the corporate ethos and culture.  A shared vision, direction, and set of core values is essential to both employee retention and business success.  Aligning a company and its employees in their direction can be challenging.  Do your organization’s stated vision and values reflect your experience at work on a day to day basis?  Do you know what your company’s core values and shared vision are?  How was that communicated to you?  How could it be communicated better?  Let us know.