The Piedmont Trail

The Piedmont Trail is a 1.2 mile loop trail situated within a 10 acre site located on the Mason Prince William Campus adjacent to academic buildings and The Freedom & Aquatic Fitness Center.

The EDGE built its high and low team development course under and next to the tree canopy woven from branches of oak, tulip poplar, beech and maple trees which make up a portion of this site.

Individuals who walk, run, or participate in one of The EDGE programs may see white tail deer, wild turkeys, fox, squirrels, rabbits, skunks or box turtles. The trail provides birders a perfect vantage to observe red tailed hawks and blue birds that frequent open spaces bordering the trail.

Woodland wildflowers abound and various species of butterflies frequent the meadows during spring summer and fall. Numerous wetland areas add to the environmental mosaic.

The combined financial and labor contributions by the Prince William Trails and Stream Coalition, Mason staff and students from University Life, the RHT Department, a PRLS 310 class and The EDGE staff and friends enabled the trail to open in September 2009 following a successful Trail Build Day.

It is our hope that all whom the trail serves; Prince William County and City of Manassas residents and community groups, the Mason community and The EDGE participants will  support our volunteer trail maintenance efforts.  Scheduled work days will assist in these efforts.  Check this website for details of planned events.

Trail access is available dawn to dusk. Free public parking for week-day and week-end access unless otherwise directed, is available in The Freedom & Aquatic Fitness Center parking lot.