The EDGE Information Request

Learn together, laugh together, grow as a team. The EDGE at George Mason is a positive and powerful experiential learning experience for building trust, improving teamwork, shaping leadership, and cultivating valuable communication skills. Through hands-on, thought-provoking activities, our expert staff will empower your group to excel as high-functioning teams through collaborative decision-making and problem solving. Located at George Mason University’s Science and Technology Campus in Northern Virginia, The EDGE offers convenient access to the Washington, D.C. metro area and beyond. We look forward to seeing you!

Our Programs

Why our programs Work

The EDGE takes pride in customizing its programs to specific client needs, matching the right solutions and staff members to guide your group to success. Our organization draws on 30 years of experiential learning practice at one of the most versatile and best-maintained challenge courses on the East Coast. From our high element challenges, like the Alpine Tower, to our low element challenges and problem-solving initiatives, our facilitators will lead your group through a team-building experience that will provide long-lasting, impactful results

Professional Development and Custom Consulting

Build strong, cohesive teams with The EDGE’s team-building essentials. Groups undergoing our team development courses solve problems together, cooperate toward a common goal, improve the way they interact with one another and, importantly, have fun while they develop valuable communication skills.

Specialized Skill Development

With The EDGE’s customized programs, your organization can develop leadership, fine-tune communication and goal-setting skills, and build a better understanding of the strengths and roles within your team. Whether you are a sports team seeking to improve communication on and off the field, or an organization seeking to understand how individuals on your team can make a greater whole, The EDGE can help develop the skills to meet your goals.