Cancellation/Weather Policies

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THE EDGE – The Mason Center for Team and Organizational Learning is committed to providing educational programs for your organization. We will make every effort to ensure that your program takes place on the day and time you request.  However, should an unforeseen emergency situation arise where we/you would need to cancel your program, you need to know your options.  Please help us meet our commitment to you by reading our cancellation policies as they relate to your specific circumstance.


  • A weather cancellation is decided on the morning of a scheduled program.  Weather cancellations will only be made for extremely severe weather or for times when it is precipitating and the temperature is 50 degrees or below. Our staff will be in contact with you at 7am.
  • Conditions for canceling are explained on your contract.
  • If  The EDGE cancels your program due to inclement weather, your original booking fee will be applied to your newly rescheduled program.
  • If the EDGE remains open, our standard cancellation terms apply.


You have planned ahead and scheduled your program well in advance.  Yet, an unforeseen situation such as a national/local safety issue or an  SOL date change make it impossible for you to fulfill your commitment.  We will work with you to find a  suitable solution to your situation.

> 6 weeks out Reschedule a new date at The EDGE Original booking fee non refundable New booking fee due
Cancel – No reschedule Original booking fee non refundable. Any remaining event $ will be returned to your account
< 6 weeks>7 days Reschedule a new date at The EDGE You will forfeit 50% of your total program fee. New booking fee due
Do not reschedule You will forfeit 50% of your total program fee
< 7 days Reschedule a new date at The EDGE You will forfeit 100% of your total fee and incur a new booking fee
Program Day Do not show up at The EDGE  on scheduled date You will forfeit 100% of your total program fee


DUE DATES as they relate to canceling a program .  .  .

Information regarding a date for the return of your signed booking contract is contained in your contract.  If you don’t return a signed booking contract within the specified time, your program date may be given to another client. Our Program Checklist designed for schools and community groups will help you keep your program on track.  Please notify us if you are unable to meet the deadline.

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