Program Focus and Outcomes

The EDGE Challenge Course offers a variety of Experience-Based Learning activities for organized groups to improve important life skills, interpersonal relationships, and teamwork. Depending on the focus of your group, as well as the desired outcome from your time with us, will help us chose the best program to fit your needs. Read more about the specialized programs we offer below, or contact us directly and we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

Team Development Course

Programs include a variety of activities guided by our facilitators, who will have access to any of our 100 + ground-based initiatives on our Challenge Course. The EDGE also features 4 aerial elements, one of which can be added to your program.

Programs for Professionals

Offerings are designed to promote learning and skill development for adults in business organizations.


The “WinningEDGE” program caters to the needs of your team with an established base of core values that are essential to team success, including team bonding, dealing with adversity, developing leadership/followership, establishing a shared vision and more.

Focus on Mentoring

 Add-ons: Program Design: $200 consulting

Up to four hours of work with and by one of our Professional Development Facilitators, which could include

  • designing activities that are framed around your organization and the specific needs and desired outcomes of the program,
  • discussing interpersonal or inter-division challenges that you think would be beneficial for us to know about, and/or
  • crafting a 2-page document that summarizes what activities were presented, key learnings, and suggestions for applying those learnings to your organization.

Interested in programming with us? Submit an Information Request Form. If you have more questions, contact us at or (703) 993-4313.