About Us

The EDGE is Mason Recreation’s Team Development and Experiential Learning program that has been serving groups throughout the Metropolitan Washington DC area for more than 30 years. Our program creates opportunities to come together and grow using the customized programming tools designed by our well trained facilitators. Our staff have all of the tools that will help you, and your team, meet the specific goals that your at striving towards, we know how to help you Energize, Develop, Grow, and Excel.

Mission Statement

 The EDGE challenges the members of the global community to better understand themselves, those around them, and their world by using innovative approaches that educate, inspire and empower.

 The EDGE serves schools, businesses, community and university groups with leadership, team building, and corporate development programs that will:

  • Energize your team with active and engaging programs
  • Develop skills for effective communication, collaboration and problem solving
  • Grow individual and group leadership functions through practical experience
  • Excel at identifying and capitalizing on your strengths for profound transformation


  • Community – We value our effect on a strong community by being responsive and building diverse and inclusive relationships.
  • Growth & Positive Impact – We value growth and vitality through experiential learning supported in a caring environment to enhance well-being.
  • Respect & Integrity – The Mason Recreation and EDGE  family values respect and integrity through honesty, civility and the free exchange of ideas.
  • Safety – We place personal and physical safety as a priority.
  • Fun – We have fun in everything we do.
  • Teamwork – We support teamwork through leadership, cohesion and resilience.