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The EDGE Teaches Leadership Skills Using Experiential Methods at the PWCS Student Leadership Conference

The EDGE’s former Program Manager Mike Swiryn was invited to teach a session at the PWCS Student Leadership Conference.  And of course, he brought a bit of The EDGE to the students by encouraging them to get out of their chairs and have fun while learning about the Dimensions of Success concept model created by Interaction Associates. 

Dimensions of Success

He taught the students to think of this model for success like a stealth airplane – one must point the plane in the direction of the results they want and steer by managing relationships and process.  Too much focus on one or the other may cause the plane to turn away from the desired results.

The session was well-attended and effectively contributed to the conference goals of aspiring students to accept leadership, increase awareness of leadership challenges, develop a network of students with leadership potential, and develop and strengthen the students’ leadership abilities.