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Just Published: “The Future of Outdoor Program Administration”

University Unwrapped – Our own Susan Johnson (The EDGE Manager and Mason School of Recreation, Tourism and Health Professor) co-authored a chapter in the newly published book, Outdoor Program Administration:  Principles and Practices.  Titled, “The Future of Outdoor Program Administration,” Laurlyn K. Harmon, Ph.D. and Susan describe how outdoor program administrators’ practices must keep pace with changing demographics, new technologies, economic conditions, and sustainability concerns.  The case study of Northbay Adventure Camp, demonstrates how one organization successfully implemented several strategies discussed in the chapter.  Below is an excerpt from the chapter:

Outdoor program administrators are increasingly pressured to be multitalented, professionally savvy, and creative in the management of their agencies and organizations.  The demands of clientele will change in the coming years, and the resources on which programs rely will continue to evolve.  Some of the critical facets to address include the increasing reliance and availability of a plethora of technological tools, for operations as well as participation; the need for securing funding in nontraditional ways; meeting the needs of a diverse staff; and engaging in multiple and increasingly sophisticated partnerships.  The need to address these critical concerns while maintaining and developing new, well-designed, and outstanding outdoor recreation programs drives the future of outdoor program administration.  By acknowledging these changes and capitalizing on the opportunities available, administrators will be able to proactively meet or exceed client, community, and employee expectations and exemplify leadership in our profession.