Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer work at The EDGE provides opportunities for:

  • Teams to reinforce the lessons learned on the challenge course
  • Organization members to bond and give back to the community
  • Boy/Girl Scouts to meet service requirements
  • Youth of faith-based organizations to meet service requirements
  • Individuals to join with others on designated work day


No projects are currently available. Please check periodically for new offerings.

For details contact Daniel Nellis, Facilities Manager, at or call 571-241-7838.  Dan has overseen and guided the projects of over 60 scouts who have earned Eagle and Gold Awards.  Check out our Eagle Scout Project Honor Roll!



Pitch in on the Piedmont is The EDGE project to mulch the Piedmont Trail and all elements each Spring and late Summer/early Fall.  This offering supports the adage “many hands make light work.”

PROVIDES PARTICIPANTS IMMEDIATE REINFORCEMENT of skills learned during their team development programming at The EDGE.   In a period of 2 ½ – 3 hours, with FULL ATTENTION to task and safety, we anticipate several teams will distribute and spread mulch sufficient to twice fill the bed of a large pick-up truck.  In addition it:

PROVIDES A SAFER ENVIRONMENT by cushioning our trails and the areas surrounding our challenge course elements utilized by the thousands of individuals who participate in our programs on a yearly basis.

PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT by holding the soil in place thus preventing erosion

PRESERVES THE TREES by acting as a buffer against soil compaction that would damage the root systems of our trees/surrounding undergrowth that could eventually contribute to their dying.

RETAINS MOISTURE on the forest floor thus promoting healthy root systems of the trees in the park.

SAVES The EDGE thousands of dollars in labor costs thus supporting our continuing efforts to offer reasonably priced educational programs.

LUNCH PROVIDED BY George Mason University – University Life – Science & Technology Campus.

See our Pitch in on the Piedmont Honor Roll and our partners who help make this all possible!

Educators, scout and community leaders planning to bring a group to this event can prepare their participants with our Pitch in on the Piedmont presentation.

Speak to Cathy Holt 703-993-4313 about joining us for Pitch in on the Piedmont or REGISTER ONLINE.