Power Pole

Leap to New Heights at The EDGE’s Power Pole

The Power Pole is an exciting element that requires a commitment by the participant with support from his or her teammates.

One at a time, participants are put on belay and climb the approach ladder and telephone pole. Their belay rope is run through a device overhead, then down and fed through a belay post. Teammates and a facilitator stand behind the belay post with the facilitator at the front of the rope. After exchanging commands, the participant climbs the ladder and pole. Once atop the pole, the participant exchanges another set of commands with the belay team and slides or walks off or jumps forward, face toward the buoy, trying to touch the buoy. Immediately after the climber jumps, the belay team pulls the rope to take up as much slack as possible. After the climber loses momentum, the belay team lowers the climber back to the ground.

We recommend the Power Pole for sports teams, community groups, student groups with some degree of familiarity with one another, or teams looking for challenge that combines individual achievement with a supportive team environment. It’s recommended for participants aged 11 and up.

It takes a team of 12-15 participants 45 minutes to an hour to cycle through jumps.


The Power Pole can help teams and individuals:

  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Make positive choices
  • Set and realize goals
  • Develop a supportive environment
  • Build respect for others’ decisions and perspectives
  • Bond through a common experience
  • Develop excellent communication skills
  • Build teamwork as they help climbers realize their goals