Giant Swing

Choose the Giant Swing Thrill

The Giant Swing is a fun, exciting element that requires a commitment by the participant. The Giant Swing allows participants to choose the height from which they are most comfortable swinging.

One at a time, participants climb a stepladder and are attached to some overhead cables and a rope. The rope is then run over the top pole of the Alpine Tower, down through a pulley, where the swinger’s teammates (the haul team) are waiting. Once the facilitator says they are ready, the haul team simultaneously pulls on the rope by stepping backward, which raises the swinger up. When they is as high as they wish to go, the swinger lets go of the release rope, and they begin swinging.

When the swinger loses enough momentum, facilitators will step in and begin slowing the swinger until they come to a full stop. The swinger then uses the stepladder to climb down, and the next swinger is clipped in.

The Giant Swing requires about 1 hour per 12-15 participant group, so including this in a challenge course program may depend on your available time.

We recommend this challenge for participants aged 9 or older.

The Giant Swing may be great for sports teams, community groups, groups that have tackled several other challenges at The EDGE, or any group looking for an element that combines thrilling adventure with consistent teamwork and trust-building. It is a terrifically fun element and can build great teamwork through the haul team experience.

The Giant Swing can help teams and individuals:

  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Engage in adventure and in making positive choices
  • Set and realize goals
  • Build trust through teamwork
  • Build respect for others’ decisions and perspectives
  • Bond through a common exciting experience