Professional Development for Educators

At The EDGE, we specialize in two things: team building and experiential learning. Those are so core to us that they are part of our official organizational name. These specializations promote self-discovery, creative problem solving, and skill building in group processes. We recognize that these three components are essential to the goals of our schools. As such, The EDGE has developed several new program offerings for educational professionals. They address many of the initiatives academic institutions are practicing in experiential modalities. Read on to learn more! Reach out to us to book a program and see the results for yourself!

Many programs choose to add an aerial element to their day. This can heighten the excitement and perceived personal risk of the participants, and frequently is mentioned as the highlight of a participant’s day. Talk with our staff to determine which aerial element may best meet your desired program outcomes.

Our EDGE on Wheels Programming offers clients that may have time constraints and /or a limited travel budget an option for our trained and credentialed staff to bring your program to you. You provide the space and we provide one of the following programs.

Themed Team Development Programs Curated for Educators

The following programs have options for taking place within the framework of a 4- or 6-hour Team Development Program or as a 3-hour workshop.

Themes include:

Growth Mindset for Professionals

This professional learning program aids the education and learning community in refining their skills in teaching for adopting growth mindset Growth Mindset is a mentality that focuses on the process of learning through practice and skill cultivation. This mindset is helpful to students and educators alike because it praises and emphasizes the importance of the process of growth.

21st Century Learning for Professionals

Framework for 21st Century Learning for Professionals was developed with educators in mind. With input from teachers, education experts, and business leaders, this program was designed to define and illustrate the skills that students need to succeed in work, life, and citizenship in the 21st century. The four main skills that are crucial to this program are Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical thinking.

Social Emotional Learning

Systemic Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a growing trend in education at all levels, and many schools have established SEL processes within curriculum and instruction as well as school-wide policies and practices. SEL is woven into every aspect of The EDGE’s Team Development and Experiential Learning programs. Join us and learn strategies for integrating SEL holistically into the various school systems.

The 5 Cs in the Classroom

Virginia’s Secretary of Education, Atif Quarni, and his team have reduced standardized testing in order to allow time and space for focus on the 5 Cs: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, cooperation and communication. Every program The EDGE offers enables participants to explore the 5 Cs in a meaningful way. Explore how to use our approaches to engage your students and help them develop these core competencies.

Aspiring Leaders

This program provides individuals with a foundational understanding of leadership skills and competencies essential for individual and organizational success. It is designed to challenge participants to increase the capacity of their current skills and abilities.

Collaborative Teams

Collaboration is a teachable skill that is crucial for the success of any team. In order to reach a common goal, a team must collaborate, work together, and recognize and harness their strengths, because it is the strength of each team member collaborating together that makes the whole team strong.

Team Rejuvenation

Research shows that strong, positive relationships with supervisors and colleagues leads to increased job satisfaction. Join us for a day of rapport building, during which activities create space for personal conversations and small group discussions. Return to your organization with a better understanding of your colleagues and the value each person adds to the success of the organization’s mission and vision.

Semi- or Fully Customized Professional Development Offerings

These programs can have the same structure as our Standardized Programs in terms of the Team Development Course or Workshop. What makes these stand out are the options to semi-customize or fully customize your program.

You can select any of the above programs and take a deeper dive into the chosen themes. Organizational models can be selected to reinforce the science behind the discussions and reflections. Activities are more carefully curated to ensure they target the organizational goals and desired outcomes for the program.

Options for Customization:

  • Two Hour Consultation.
    • Spend two hours consulting with one of our Professional-Level Facilitators in framing your program.
    • Clients often use this as an opportunity to develop organizational goals and learning outcomes for the program.
    • It can also be used to discuss particular group dynamics that you would like to have addressed, or how you intend the participants will apply their learnings for the upcoming year.
  • Personality Assessment and Team Development.
    • Our Professional-Level Facilitators are certified in a number of personality assessment tools, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© and EQ-i.
    • The first part of the day focuses on didactic learning the results of the tools personally.
    • The second part of the day engages the participants in small group activities in which they explore and expand their understanding of their own type and how it relates to those of their colleagues.